Legal Services


Criminal Defense
Our legal team is well experienced in handling criminal matters such as OWI/DUI, conversion/theft matters, drug charges, criminal protective orders, robbery, assault/battery, and similar matters. Our attorneys are available 24/7 for assistance.
Personal Injury Litigation
Personal injuries can be life-changing events whether they occur by automobile accident, slip-and-fall, or while on the job. Our attorneys are here to assist during this difficult time and to ensure our clients are properly compensated for their injuries.
Traffic & Commercial Vehicle Violations
Our legal team handles matters ranging from speeding tickets, reckless driving, commercial driver violations, including hardship licenses and driving record expungements.
Real Estate Transactions
Whether purchasing a new home or an investment property, having sound legal advice is imperative as for most people, these types of transactions may be the largest purchase of their lifetime. Accordingly, our attorneys can assist from the onset of the matter, signing of the purchase agreement, to finalization of the transaction at closing.
Whether an LLC or a corporation, proper formation of your business entity is important to getting your new business venture up and running. Beyond formation of your company, our attorneys also assist with annual business licensing and permitting requirements which may be specific to your business.
Estate Planning
Will, Trust, Living Will… which one? Our attorneys can assist your specific estate planning requests and help you fully understand the options which may be available to you for proper administration of your estate. Planning for your estate is something that our clients seem to traditionally push off to a later date, but understand that it is probably one of the most important processes of a person’s life. Our team is here to help fully guide you through the estate planning process.
Small Claims
Small claims matter are where a vast number of cases typically end up for litigation purchases based on the rather short time period and economic benefits which are available. Our legal team regularly handles small claims cases such as collection matters, contract disputes, and property damage claims.
Whether a landlord or a tenant, your rights are important. Our firm regularly handles matters related to tenant holdovers, past due rents, and wrongful evictions on a residential and commercial basis.